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To ensure you and your investors’ money is well managed, we ensure your strategy is implemented properly and that you have the right team to continue grow your business’s value....


Make Good Business Valuable

Most businesses, maybe even yours, may seem to be moving forward, but without a destination in mind. A definitive, charted route can help guide you down the right path. Is your business destination mapped out with someone whom has been there successfully?...


Leverage Strategic Partners

Value Growth Institute is a business strategy firm with a focus on repositioning privately-held businesses for optimum return on investment and future financial independence. Our clients are leading entrepreneurs in professional services, technology and specialty schools. We develop strategies to help their businesses grow in value by using the right business model and professional management team for their unique business situation....


How are you growing your business?

  • Expanding through profitable channels?
  • Expanding through the right new business model?
  • Taking your business to the next level and building owner equity value?

EVERYONE has a need to cash out from the business they create.
MOST can express how much it will take to achieve that financial independence.
MANY can share ideas about it or articulate what needs to be done.
SOME can generate a detailed action plan.
FEW will actually execute the plan.

How much could you benefit from us?

  • Creating change in your business that really matters to you and your team?
  • Taking steps in developing and working your strategic plan?
  • Getting paid what you’re worth?  Achieving your financial independence?


We are your strategic partners in purposeful planning

Value Growth Institute is a business strategy firm with a focus on repositioning privately-held businesses for optimum return on investment and future financial independence.

We show business owners how to maximize pull marketing strategy, predictable profits and their intellectual property for the best return on investment possible through detailed business assessment, business models and training with a focus on future transitioning of the business at the maximum value possible.

Value Growth Institute assists our clients in growing their business in OWNER EQUITY VALUE and achieving financial Independence.


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Ask yourself these questions:

“What is the cost to become financially independent?”

More importantly,

”What is it costing you not to become financially independent?”

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Books by

Chia-Li Chien

Work Toward Reward by Chia-Li ChienIn Work Toward Reward, Chia-Li Chien, Succession Strategist at Value Growth Institute and award-winning author of Show Me the Money, presents the results of her Business Value Drivers Study. This two-year study reveals challenges business owners face and the Mission Critical Activities crucial to building a business in value.


Show Me the Money - Run Your Business like a Prosperous Investor by Chia-Li Chien. You’ve successfully started your own business and have created a comfortable lifestyle. What’s next? How do you get there? In Show Me the Money, author Chia-Li Chien shows you how to strategically innovate your business foundation and enable you to position your company to get the value you deserve.


We're a proud contributor to Midas Marketing; that uncovers true innovation in attracting market share and maximizing return on private business capital.